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About MSAE

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The Malaysian Society of Agricultural Engineers or MSAE is a learned society established in 1982. It is a professional and technical organization with members who are interested in engineering knowledge and technology for food, agriculture, associated industries and related resources. The founding members are mainly lecturers in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, UPM who have obtained their higher degrees from US universities. Hence they are familiar with the American Society of Agricultural Engineers and its more than 8000 members worldwide.

Agricultural Engineering education in Malaysia started as far back as 1961. However, a full bachelor degree program in Agricultural Engineering was introduced at the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering (now Faculty of Engineering ), Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (now Universiti Putra Malaysia) in 1975. The first batch of agricultural engineers graduated in 1979. The diploma program in Agricultural Engineering was introduced at the Faculty in 1980. Since then, the Agricultural Engineering professionals (i.e Agricultural Engineers and Agricultural Engineering Technical Assistants) have significantly contributed to the development of agriculture in the country. To date there are about 1000 Agricultural Engineers and Agricultural Engineering Technical Assistants in Malaysia involving in both agricultural and non-agricultural fields.

MSAE members are employed mainly by government departments and agencies, universities and colleges, palm oil mills and plantations, agricultural machinery companies, irrigation companies and food processing plants. In the government service, they are mainly in research institutions such as MARDI, MPOB (formerly PORIM), RRIM and FRIM, Department of Agriculture, Dept of Environment, and Farmers’ Organization Authority.

The main activities of MSAE include organizing seminars, workshops and conferences; publications; social, sports and recreational activities and technical visits especially for members of the MSAE-Student Chapter. A landmark national conference entitled ‘Engineering SMART Farming’ was organized by MSAE and DBAE UPM in March 1999 to commemorate 25 years of teaching, research, consultancy and extension in agricultural engineering in Malaysia.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Society are:
(a) To promote the discipline of agricultural engineering and its profession of in the country.
(b) To encourage the professional development among its members.
(c) To extend the association of agricultural engineers among themselves with other engineers, scientists and technologists from different disciplines both within the country as well as in other countries.
(d) To broaden the usefulness of agricultural engineering in the food security and food safety issues for the country.

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